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Our research indicates that Garstangs is closed or that there is an issue with their website being online. *
See Disclaimer as this is only what our research indicates and not a complete verification of the firm.


Address: 227 Strand, London, Greater London, WC2R 1BE.

Issue: The website at is no longer online. We were also unable to find a match to the office address at 227 Strand, London, Greater London, WC2R 1BE from a relevant website with the name Garstangs.

This could mean that the law firm has closed or that they have changed their name or office location.

Additional Note: We did find a post on Cartwright King’s website that provides details of a merger which could possibly be relevant but we were not able to match addresses so this has been added as an additional note. You can see the post on their website here:

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